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Alcohol inks and Alcohol paint Manufacturer

Maya Inks is a Delhi based company in the business of Manufacturing alcohol inks and alcohol paint for resin epoxy and other resins and to be used by creative artists to "MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE" and make alcohol paintings and alcohol ink tumblers.

We are creative people with Chemical engineering background. Our vision is to offer artists products that are incomparable and are very economical.
We also manufacturer reusable casting and sealing materials for epoxy users. One of the materials is wax based and another is glycerin based material which cut the cost of production for the art lovers and epoxy users who make creative items and jewelry.

We also manufacture Silicon rubber which is widely used for making casting dies for epoxy resin.

Why You Choose Us?

Manufacturers of Alcohol Inks and other chemicals for epoxy resin

Get Inspired

Watch our videos and get inspired with new ideas and teachniqes in epoxy resin.

We are Artists

We are artists by heart and create art works ourselves, so we know the problems of other artists.


We develop new chemicals to cut the cost and time of production.


We are chemical engineers with more than 32 years of experience and are professional's.

Quality Consicious

We are very consious about the quality standards and adhar to high quality production of chemicals..

International standards

Our products are comparable to international standards and are tested in every aspect of its use.

About Our Products

Manufacturers of Alcohol Inks and paints for epoxy resin

"Maya's" Alcohol Inks?

We Produce a large spectrum of highly concentrated Alcohol inks for artists and people who work with epoxy resin and other resins for imparting beautiful effects to their work. Our inks are very bright and do not fade for a very long period of time.

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"Maya's" WaxCast?

We produce a special formulation designed by us for casting and sealing joints and leaking points, the material is very handy and is reusable besides it softens with just body heat. very cost effective and just needs kneeding for reuse.

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"Maya's" GelCast?

We have a special formulation for casting which once set its die can be used again and again many times and if you want to reuse the material just melt it and cast it again. very cost-effective and imparts fine details to the art piece.

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Ask Question?

Manufacturers of Alcohol Inks and other chemicals for epoxy resin

What precautions we must take when handeling epoxy resin?
We must wear rubber gloves and, make sure the epoxy does not get in contact with our skin as a its a female hormone by nature and, can effect your endocrine system. We must also wear mask when grinding and polishing the epoxy to avoid the fine ground particels from getting into our system.
If we are making small pieces and quantity of our epoxy is small we must use a steal pin or toothpick to stain our epoxy, as alcohol colors are highly concentrated and you can easily overdose the color.
There are three methods to removes bubbles from epoxy first is to use the vacuum, the second is to use the torch, and the third and the easiest one is to spray a little of isopropyl alcohol on the epoxy which removes all the bubbles in the epoxy.
Spray a little of isopropyl alcohol or acetone on the surface and gently and slowly rub it with a cloth to get the surface free of Epoxy resin.
How to polish the epoxy?
start grinding the pieces with sandpaper 120 grit and then with 230 grit until all the scratches and dents are gone then wet grinding with 800 grit, 1000 grit, 1200 grit, and 2000 grit then polishing it with a soft cloth using car wax polish or buffing with a buffing pad to get the glassy finish.
Epoxy setting time is affected by temperature, higher temperatures will fasten the setting time and, lower temperatures will reduce the setting time.
after applying the color effect's on your art piece always apply a clear coat of epoxy, after an hour or after one day of setting so that color effects do not get on the surface and affect the surface finish of the art piece.
Always add a little shampoo in the water when doing wet grinding as the finishing will be too fine, and you will use less energy for the grinding.

Our Products

Manufacturers of Alcohol Inks and paints for epoxy resin

Alcohol Inks

Minimum Pack

3 bottles of 10 Ml each

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue

Minimum Pack

One Kg Packing

  • Wax casting die
  • Sealing material
  • Reusable material
Comming soon

Minimum Pack

One Kg Packing

  • Gelatine casting die
  • Resuable material
  • die making material
comming soon